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I will never be satisfied

I will never be satisfied,
I have determined that I
will never be satisfied. I
cultivate thirst and longing, I
dream wet dreams of never
being full. It is yearning
that I yearn for, desire
that I desire. Too easy
to get what you want
and be satisfied, too easy
to choose who, what and
how you want to be;
you already know who you
are, it is who you
are not that you wish
to discover. The not yet
achieved promises future rewards; once
you have your goal, you
have nothing to look forward
to, no point in going
on, nothing left but death
or eternity, or find another
goal to pursue. Who wants
the present, who wants free
gifts, who can walk forward
without knowing where forward is?
I am in love with
the possibility, I can only
become by not being, I
choose to lose, I am
my own hole in which
all is lost so I
may find it, it may
spring forth like water I
have never tasted. But always
I must forget so that
I may see fresh, I
must believe I am not
well, I am not hole,
I am only the seeker
longing to find the way
to the spring, wandering through
the desert with the map
forgotten in my back pocket.


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