"Are you green?" I asked her. I must have asked a thousand people the same question. Before that, I just took it for granted that, if their skin was green, they were green. Then one day, I saw someone get cut who I thought was green, and red came out of them. Yes, they were green on the outside, but in truth they were red. After that, I started asking people, to be sure. Many people said, "yes," so I knew I wasn't alone. But, sometimes, people I used to respect would say something stupid like, "Well, yes, on the outside I am." And I knew that meant they were really red. Dirty liars. "Yes," she said, like she meant of course. I was glad, 'cause I really liked her. I told her good, I was glad she wasn't another liar that was really red inside. She laughed and said to let her know if I ever cut myself.
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