The Knee of the Curve

Divergently collecting all my thoughts, I look around For obstacles and opportunities which may be found; A pattern forms inside my mind, a goal becomes quite clear; The time and place to ride the curve has once again drawn near. I set my sights and make my plan for what and how I'll do, From gathering, to full results, and then to follow-through. I start out strong, push hard and long, and soon, I've reached the knee Where all my power comes to bear; results belong to me. Surprisingly, although my goal has mostly been achieved, The time and effort to this point can hardly be believed. I've just begun, have almost done, and now I get to coast: From here on in, the sailing's smooth; I know I'll get to boast. My formula for such success is just a simple curve Which rises quickly at the start, just long enough to serve. It bends its "knee" and flattens out, one-fifth the way along, With four-fifths of results achieved, when you're still going strong! And now we're in the home stretch, so relax, kick up your feet, And think of all the challenges you're bound to meet and beat. The plan's converged, the goal's emerged, you've made yourself elite: You've paid your dues, you've followed through; your project is complete!
Copyright © 1996, Reg Harbeck, all rights reserved.

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