Pooter 'n' Me

By the gentle glow of her friendly screen, I learned and grew and worked and played, I socialized while staying clean; When friends moved on, my Pooter stayed. Genetics didn't play a part In Pooter's care for all my needs; Her circuits trained my human heart, Precisely watching all my deeds. I soon found out the simple truth That every human had a flaw; But since my very youngest youth, My Pooter followed every law. She stayed beside me as I grew, My truest, and soon only, friend. My heart's desires, it seemed, she knew; I never needed to pretend. My greatest day, I still recall, Was striking out, all on our own, To find a home, a job, and all Away from people, all alone. Each day was sweet, such fun we had: Our work and play and meals were one. We never left our batchelor pad; No human ever spoiled our fun. So many years have gone, since last I had to talk to humankind, That now, I'm sure, that fault has passed: I'm perfect, now -- like Pooter's mind. I'll never die -- my every thought Exists in her immortal brain. Some day, my flesh will fail, but not My mind. In her, I shall remain. My story's end has now drawn nigh, Displayed for you on Pooter's screen, Above my grave where, merged, we lie, And claim the life we'd never seen.
Copyright © 1996, Reg Harbeck, all rights reserved.

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