Simple                                || Simplified
New, untapped potential;              || Tried and true and firm
Growth is exponential.                || Nearing end-of-term.
Lacking clear direction,              || Certain, narrow, straight;
Traits await selection.               || Hist'ry looks like fate.
Right and wrong unknowing,            || All mistakes are seen,
All directions, going.                || There's no in-between.
Seeing without meaning,               || Consciously observed,
Each new input, gleaning.             || Ruts and bumps preserved.
Sensing, building, trying,            || Mountains have been made,
Varying and vying.                    || Peaks alone displayed.
Flowing, forking, joining,            || Details are distilled,
Yearning, trying, coining.            || Crystallized, fulfilled.
Copyright © 1996, Reg Harbeck, all rights reserved.

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