Today, I Fly

(a work in progress; last updated 2000-09-28) Today, I fly -- Forgetting the ground, Welling over the walls, And seeking the rungs of a fast-flowing sky -- Release this resistance: Familiar existence, And parents and mentors and tools become rules and you. I fly My wings expand -- You thought I had none, For, when trapped in a box And you asked me to reach, I shrugged off your demand. I meant you no harm, But could not move my arm For the space was so small I could not move at all. Now see: my hand Today, I glow -- My ashen face, from embers, thought dead, With phoenix flame burns forth; now know: The pitch-dark hole Which once hid my soul Became the rich soil that answered my toil. Let darkness be gone, as I, gushing dawn, alight and glow
Copyright © 2000, Reg Harbeck, all rights reserved.

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