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Welcome to my home page! I'm a computer professional with two decade's experience on Mainframes and other platforms, working with operating systems, networks, applications, and computing security. I currently work in a strategic role with a very large software vendor, which gives me the opportunity to travel, meet and present to interesting people, and write white papers and articles. See the "Publications" menu item for some links to these.

I also enjoy philosophizing, creativity, and writing [cyber-]poetry -- see my Poetry and Meta-bytes links for a selectable list of these. You're even welcome to link to them if you wish - but I'd be pleased if you tell me about it.

If you really like what you read, feel free to email me, and I will gladly entertain any suggestions and/or requests, including provisions for publication and/or redistribution.

My email address is "Reg at Harbeck dot ca".

I also have a blog you might enjoy called Reg's Rhymes at http://regsrhymes.blogspot.com.

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